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I first visited Dr. Pendar Esmaeili and Back to Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture on my wife's advice after being unable to find the source for pain at the base of my skull, neck and shoulder. I had been to a nearby pain center, a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, massage therapists and others...without success. Dr. Esmaeili was very thorough in her approach to finding the possible sources of the discomfort and we agreed on a plan which consisted of some acupuncture and muscle relaxant treatments which has resulted in no recurrence of the pain.

I've found Dr. Esmaeili to be professional, very knowledgeable, and genuinely concerned about her patients' well being. I recommend her, without hesitation, to my friends and acquaintances.

Warren P.

Dr. Pendar spent an hour discussing my medical history, chronic back pain, and took the time to explain my MRI results in layman's terms far better than my specialist ever did. She then outlined a multi-pronged approach to alleviating the pain. So far I've had 3 appointments over a week's time period and the pain that has been dogging me for years (yes years) has vastly improved and I believe over the course of the next few visits I will be pain free. Something I never expected. I am able to sleep through the night without waking up constantly to change positions to find comfort, and I am no longer fidgeting around in my chair like a toddler trying to relieve the pain. Having been to a Chiro who made my symptoms worse, I was hesitant to try another one. I'm glad I did. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pendar!

Ellen B.

I've been seeing Dr. Esmaeil for acupuncture almost three months now and used to be a skeptic. I have been on pain medication since 2003 after knee surgery. Over the years the medications have failed to help. My husband suggested trying acupuncture, and I went in not expecting any true relief. I was wrong. Where I once hurt as soon as I got out of bed in the morning, not to mention doing more than a few miles of walking, I am now feeling fantastic! What I'm doing physically, I had resigned as a thing of the past. I would be lost without her. She is very warm, yet still professional, and in my mind a miracle worker. For even the biggest skeptic just give it three sessions, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Michelle L.

I began seeing Dr. Esmaeili in 2015 after battling a year long migraine, and as a last ditch effort for treatment I decided to try acupuncture. I found this place to be the most reasonably priced and they took my insurance which was a bonus as most acupuncture places do not take insurgence. I am so glad I chose Dr. Esmaeili because I have had nothing but a positive experience she is always happy and promotes a great environment to be in. For me, the bonus is, she not yet stopped working to find the root cause of my migraines, when a lot of my other doctors have given up. I now see her for chiropractic and acupuncture services. She is very upfront about treatment and treatment plans and I never have a problem getting an appointment even on short notice. She also does not problem referring me to other doctors or specialist that she believes will be able to help me. I love going her so much so, that I started bringing my teenager here for treatment of a sports injury, so now she is essentially treating my whole family.
Please do not hesitate to visit this office you will not be disappointed.

Myra T.

I was in very very very bad car accident and was recommended for treatment at Back to Health. Dr. Pendar Esmaeili treated me with tender loving care and helped to me to regain my confidence in movements in my neck and back. The chiropractor and acupuncture treatments were the best in regaining my strength and healing. Thanks for the great treatments and your sensitivity to my situation.

Carolyn S.

I've been seeing Dr. Pendar Esmaeili for over three years now and she's a wonderful doctor! I was in a bad car accident, and I'll always have to see a chiropractor to maintain my health. Dr. Esmaeili has always been very kind and takes the time to remember anything unusual from my last visit that needs to be addressed again. She's always been concerned about taking her time and making sure my health needs are addressed without rushing our appointments, which I really appreciate. I see her for both chiropractic and acupuncture treatments and I've always had improvement after my sessions. Dr. Esmaeili has also recommended exercises and stretches to help me prevent loss of movement, and I'm grateful she's pointing out these things early since I'm still young and want to know what I can do to improve my range of motion before it's too late. I'm thankful Dr. Esmaeili is helping me maintain my health and I highly recommend her practice for anyone who needs either chiropractic or acupuncture treatments!

Brianne S.

I started seeing Dr Esmaeili when I had chronic shoulder pain in back in 2011....in a few short weeks I was pain free (still am as of May 2016.  then In 2014 I injured my back while cycling after which I learned i had degenerative discs in my lower back. Dr Esmaeili once again took care of me and worked with me over several months until my pain was manageable and I was able to get back on the bike . She is very compassionate about making sure that you leave her office in better shape than you came in.   If I could give her 6 stars I would.   Thank you!!!!

James F.

It was my first experience with chiropractic services after I was involved in MVA which left me with a lot of pain. Overall I'll I received the greatest care I needed to help me with my pain and I'll not mind using them and referring my family and friends in the future. Kudos especially to Dr. Esmaeli for the care I received.

M & P

Dr. Esmaeili has been a huge help since she began treating me about a year ago. She truly listens to and cares about what is going on with my body and makes every effort to accommodate me when I need to be seen quickly for a problem. I'm seeing her for an extra vertebra that causes migraines, a short right leg and ankle injury that tampers with my alignment, and recently some intense shoulder tension upon changing jobs. I have done much better with headaches and am grateful to be working with her and her suggested massage therapist to become a healthier me. You will not regret seeing Dr. Esmaeili.

Anna B.


I can't say enough about Dr. Pendar Esmaeili. I was in a car accident and came to her for treatment for my lower back. After a few short weeks, I'm feeling much better. She is a wonderful Doctor and person and I look forward to my appointments.

Traci S.

Best Chiropractor & acupuncturist in the DMV (IMO). I have nothing but great things to say about Back to Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture. The atmosphere is relaxing & finding a chiropractor who is also licensed in acupuncture is a plus. First started having sessions with Dr. Pendar Esmaeili about a year ago. From the first moment I met her I felt very at ease. After an in-depth conversation about how my back got the way it did she explained to me that she would try different treatments (electro & heat vs. traditional "cracking") & we would find a course that best fit my needs. On occasion, she'll crack me if it's really needed. Her bedside manner is phenomenal. She's very attentive, witty & delightful. She has accommodated me on several occasions when I've done something that requires her services (like all day roller coaster riding at Canada's Wonderland. Should have known better when the employees at the park stated that "The Leviathan" is #3 in the world for causing back injuries). Called her up as soon as I returned & she got me in that day & fixed me right up. Went from "OMG, it hurts!!!" to "OMG, how'd you do that, I feel great (now)!" And each & every time I see her, it's that kind of feeling (yes, I'm feeling good & my back feels better) after the session is completed. I live an hour away from her office & because Dr. Pendar Esmaeili is that good, I don't mind making the trek.

Michelle S.

The Back to Health Chiropractic clinic is one of the best clinics that I have been to in years the doctor is a listener and makes sure she takes care of her patients on each individual needs. Thumbs up!

Andreas R.


By far this is one of the best and professional Chiropractic & Acupuncture establishments in the DMV. I have been to numerous establishments but nothing compares to Dr. Esmaeili attention to detail and care for all her patients. I got referred by a friend also a service member who previously seen Dr. Esmaeili and spoke highly of her. It was a three-day federal holiday weekend and my options were limited for care in Woodbridge or that any would be open on Saturday. I placed a call to Dr. Esmaeili and briefly explained to her my symptoms and how the injury occurred the day before. Without any hesitation she said she could see me due to the severe nature of the symptoms I was having. Dr. Esmaeili opened her office to see me when everything else was closed and the only other option was going to the ER. It is right there that initial care is what helped me get me back on my feet and away from back pains. She is awesome and one of the best in her practice and truly thankful for her service.

Yanil E.

Thank you So Much Dr. Pendar! Indeed you are the best and deserve more than 5 stars. Dr. Pendar has been really helpful in my recovery. I look forward to my upcoming appointments.

Felix A.

Life changing!
I have seen many chiropractors over the years, however despite all their efforts there was very little improvement to my back, shoulder and neck pain.
Dr. Pendar Esmaeili is one of the best! She spent a great amount of time with me on my first visit to learn about my medical history and ask proper questions to learn about my back pain. She quickly determined the proper treatment for my condition. I began seeing change in my condition within the first 3 visits, which is unheard of.
After 15 years of living with chronic back, neck, shoulder pain I am now pain free.
She will be the best decision you will ever make in your life. I highly recommend Dr. Pendar Esmaeili
Wonderful chiropractor!

Tandis K.

Back to Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture was very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. They were very open about the process for restoring me back to how I was before my accident. Extremely flexible scheduling which made the appointments readily available throughout the week. Dr. Pendar Esmaeili is very professional, and she makes the whole process seem effortless! Dr. Esmaeili spent a significant amount of time with me on my first visit to learn about my medical history and ask proper questions to learn about my back and neck pain. She quickly determined the appropriate treatment for my condition and I began treatment that same day. I would highly recommend Back to Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture. Incredibly sad to finish up my sessions with Dr. Esmaeili because she was such an awesome individual. She has a great sense of humor.

Patrick H.

Very professional and very friendly. I would certainly recommend them to anyone in the future.

Adam R.

First, I never write reviews but for Dr. Esmaeili, I had to. Dr. E is remarkable, I had been to several doctors, thought I needed to try acupuncture. Dr. E understood my issue discovered acupuncture wasn't the best option but was able to diagnose and treat me based on my symptoms and activities using chiropractic care and within no time I was back to my old self. I recommend if you are thinking about chiropractic treatment, give Dr. E a try first I promise you will not regret it. Anytime something goes wrong she is the first person I think of for chiropractic or acupuncture services, she'll know exactly what you need.

Kimberly W.

I have had the same acupuncturist since 1995. He retired. I was devastated. I tried four different acupuncturists who did not make a difference. Then I met Dr. E. She is the real deal. I got better with every treatment. I would highly recommend her for acupuncture.

Lucy B.

I was looking for an alternative to prescription NSAIDs when experiencing tendinitis in my achilles tendon after undergoing two previous surgeries. Within a month of treatments with Dr. Esmaeili the pain and inflammation in my achilles heel drastically decreased. Through a combination of ultrasound therapy and acupuncture I was finally able to return to my active lifestyle of working out at the gym and playing basketball. Dr. Esmaeili has an excellent bedside-manner and delivers top notch healthcare by using the latest medical technology and research. I highly recommend her practice Back to Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

Justin B.

Dr. Esmaeli is absolutely wonderful. Kind, caring and professional. I could not recommend her more. You will not be disappointed. I see her for acupuncture treatments for my back. She always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. She is awesome!

Debra G.

My daughter has had migraines since she was 9 years old; she is 16 now. As she got older, the duration of her headaches increased; some would last for as many as 5 days. Anything could bring them on, but we could rarely get them to leave! You name it, we tried it: OTC meds, prescription meds, neurologists... she still missed dozens of days of school from migraines. A neighbor recommended Back to Health Chiropractic and feeling that we had nothing to lose, I made an appointment. It has been a few months since the first appointment--and WOW, what a difference. From her first visit, my daughter has improved. Her migraines have lessened both in frequency and in intensity; her quality of life is so much better and she LOVES the treatments and looks forward to them. I highly recommend Back to Health for anyone who suffers with migraines.

Judy L. 


I have been going to Dr. Esmaeili since early 2011. I went to a fitness trainer last December and within 30 minutes I was in the emergency room. After many trips to Drs.. we realized my headaches were caused by muscle injury similar to a neck whiplash. I began going 3x's a week and am now down to once a week. She uses every method she can to reduce my pain and she is the best!!!

We are now approaching  10 months since this fitness disaster. My headaches have gotten better and I would not stop going.

Marsha R.


My experience with this is ongoing and very successful. Dr. Penny is keeping me healthy and mobile. After many previous operations in the 80's, Acupuncture was and is the best alternative to getting sliced up. I highly recommend this firm for their expertise and knowledge of this ancient medicine.

Steve R.


I was experiencing a severe lower back pain when I contacted Drs. Nahal and Pendar for an acupuncture session. Both recommended a few sessions and in no time I started having amazing results. The pain subsided and I started getting active again in my everyday life. Acupuncture opened the Meridian channels of energy in my body and as a result I could benefit from an overall sense of well being. Great experience!

Alice J.


Let me start off saying Dr. Pendar Esmaeili is outstanding. She is incredibly thorough and I have never had any doctor spend as much quality time with me or explain things to me so completely AND she saved my leg from artificial parts but I will get into that in a minute! Dr. Esmaeli was my first experience with a chiropractor after serving in the Air Force; no offense to the docs at Offutt AFB but they were definitely too rough. The docs at Back to Health are smooth and gentle. I love it here! Now back to my hip... When I started school again after serving as a ceremonial guardsman in the honor guard as well as a computer programmer I began experiencing pain in my right leg at the hip. I sought care from MD's and DO's who just offered me pills for the discomfort but it was still there. Dr. Esmaeli put me through a short course of care but when my leg didn't respond as quickly as she wanted or hold for very long she sent me for X-rays(I have to say my back pain and neck pain that I didn't even mention because I thought they were just going to be like that went away while working on the hip problem.) When she got my report back from the radiologist saying there were no abnormalities Dr. Pendar reviewed the images herself and spotted a cloudy region in the ball joint which with further evaluation turned out to be a condition called avascular necrosis. I ended up having a surgery on the hip but if she hadn't caught it the femoral head could have collapsed and I would have needed a full hip replacement in my early 30s. Pretty amazing. I owe Dr. Esmaeli a great deal and trust her with my care. It is my opinion that Dr. Pendar is an amazing resource in the community not only for her skill as a chiropractic adjuster but for her passion for our health and for her knowledge as a primary care provider. Thank you so much for getting me back to the things I love Dr. Pendar! I will never forget what you have done for me. You're the best

Ben C.


I have been a patient at Back to Health for over two years now and feel so lucky to have found them! The past two years has been such an incredible transformation of my health and I attribute a large part of it to Dr. Esmaeili. I was skeptical the first day when I wobbled in with severe upper back and neck pain. I had never considered a chiropractor but I was barely able to look right or left and my arm strength had totally diminished. I had gone from a physically strong, active person to someone who was in constant pain. Once I began the treatments I started feeling relief within the first two weeks. It took time and I continue to go for monthly treatments but today I'm back to doing push- ups, pull ups and I just completed a marathon. I know none of it would've been possible without Drs. Esmaeili and Esmaeili. I can move again...thanks to them. AND as an added plus; they've always been kind and gentle. I've never felt pressure to have a therapy I didn't feel like I needed.

Brian B.


I went to see Back to Health on Friday and I could barely walk. She saw me immediately. After the treatment I was feeling so much better. There still some minor pain. Each day of the weekend I got better. I had a follow up on Monday and felt 100% better. She is very kind. I did not have to wait. My appointment on Monday was at 11:00 and she saw me at 11:00. Her office is decorated in muted tones and looked very nice. Her equipment was new. I would recommend her.

Ruth W.

It is hard to believe the change that I have undergone since I started going to Back to Health Chiropractic.  I was recommended to Back to Health through Dr. Sobhany and since I started treatment I feel so much better.  Before I had my first treatment I was having dizzy spells, headaches, tightness in my neck and shoulder regions to the point that I wasn't sleeping properly and when I would get up I felt tired.  After the second treatment I noticed  that I was having better blood flow into my neck and shoulders and the tightness was easing significantly. I feel 10 years younger than I did when I started the therapy and now I enjoy doing the things that I used to take for granted.  I highly recommend Back to Health Chiropractic to receive the treatment and care that is needed for regaining what you think is age related problems when in fact you just need treatment.

Brenda B.


I was suffering of a severe burning sensation pain on my left leg 2 weeks ago. I went to the ER followed by visits to my doctor and they couldn't find anything. I was given pain medication (Tylenol and then Tylenol #3), which didn't help. The pain was worst at night (15 on a 1-10 scale !!), and I couldn't sleep. I couldn't work for a week. A colleague of mine suggested I see a chiropractor. I had never been to one before. After research I selected Dr Nahal Esmaeili in Woodbridge mainly because she specializes in both chiropractic and acupuncture. Today I can say that she saved my life. I was so worried that this pain would last months, and the day following the first session I was surprised and relieved to feel 50% of the pain gone. After the 2nd session I was 90% better. Today I can't feel any pain at all. I am so thankful to Dr Nahal and this is why I am writing this review so that other people can benefit from her services. She is very friendly and professional. I forgot to mention that I am pregnant and Dr Nahal was able to give me the appropriate treatment and relief me from harmful medication.

Amy L.


I have had migraine headaches since I was five years old. I went for one treatment and I have already had less headaches. The treatment was so helpful and I felt amazing after I was done. I love this place so much!!!!

Kayla H.